Once an appointment has been scheduled and prior to the initial assessment, you will be sent a questionnaire. We ask that you complete this questionnaire, returning it to us at along with any relevant reports.

Facilities available at the clinic include high chair, toddler table and chairs and a kitchen that can be used to heat any foods and fluids.

What to bring:

Newborns and babies:

  • Equipment needed for breast or bottle feeding e.g., nipple shields.
  • Breastfeeding pillows
  • All bottles and teats
  • Formula or expressed breast milk (The clinic has a bottle warmer available)

Toddlers and children eating solids.

  • 2-3 foods that your child eats
  • Some food you child does not eat, that you would like them to try
  • Any fluids
  • Cups, bottles
  • Bowls and feeding utensils

To witness your child in their natural setting, we also ask that you record a feed or mealtime. This way, even if your child does not eat in the clinic, we may still view the footage.

Home And Daycare Visits:

Home visits can be arranged for assessments and ongoing therapy depending on location.  There will be a travel fee added to the assessment cost if a home visit is required.

During home visits your child will be observed during a mealtime. Please ensure they have not eaten prior to the assessment. Regular feeding therapy can also be conducted in the home if necessary and appropriate for the family.

The speech pathologist can also visit your child at childcare or preschool to assess their feeding depending on location. This will incur a travel fee which will be added to the total cost.


Telehealth can be an option depending on your child’s age and feeding concerns. If you don’t live in Sydney you can still contact Speech Pathology Feeding to discuss whether telehealth will be suitable for your child.

You will be sent a questionnaire to complete and a zoom link once your telehealth appointment is confirmed.

We will provide you with a list of foods that we would like you to have available for the appointment.

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